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KO Case Support has built over the years a successful team of people around who have knowledge in the plaintiff litigation arena, billing and coding, case analysis, and most important, a competent empathetic staff who is always willing to listen and help solve every client’s needs. Our team is a symbol of strength, morale, resistance, and knowledge. KO Case Support is a full-service direct funding company. We understand consumer litigation funding is necessary for many people that is how we got into this business. Injuries can take a massive toll on people. Clients might experience time missed from work, missed wages and tips, medical expenses, trouble getting out to purchase necessities, childcare difficulty, difficulty with bills or rent, and countless other interruptions. The idea was simple – help plaintiffs by providing them funds to pay for their life needs so they can afford to wait for a fair settlement – and do it with 100% transparency, at the lowest cost and with great customer service. We consider ourselves game changers in the field of legal funding, collaborating to bring the best possible solutions and ideas for our clients. We are here to help, and we want to make a difference in our client’s lives. Contact KO Case Support today for more information about our funding services. 

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